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Heavy Duty Diverter

Heavy Duty Diverter

BMES heavy duty diverter valves are used in conveying line either dense or dilute phase to divert the material in the conveying pipe line. Compressed air is used to actuate the valve. Because of variable sealing material high temperature products can also be conveyed.

Heavy Duty Diverter don’t seem to be rectifiable whereas the valve is in-line. They need removal, that causes system period and pricey reconstruction or replacement. Diverter options a removable access panel, permitting fast and straightforward access for examination or maintenance. The whole bucket and seal can even be removed and replaced although the facet panel, leaving fast maintenance while not prolonged period.

Big Sack Unloader for remotion super Sacks, gayloard boxes and every one luggage with plastic liners. It will do all this while not the help of associate degree operator and is maintenance free. The bags or containers do not have to be compelled to be raised into place, leaning or turned. The instrumentation is often affected to the OKTOMAT® CLASSIC and station employing a pallet truck so fixed to the emptying station.

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