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Dust collector manufacturers

dust collector manufacturers

BMES are used in industries, mainly to avoid Air Borne Pollutants in all forms, particulate, dust/Gases and fumes. In Pneumatic Conveying system, the conveying product is mixed with air. This air in turn is separated through Best dust collectors to avoid air pollution and also to recover valuable powders. The dust collector Manufacturers are available in mild steel and stainless steel with rigid construction for pressure and vacuum application. Filter media will be selected according to nature of products and application. Special high temperature Dust collectors are available for different application.

Dust Collectors product give air filtration mud and dirt management for dry bulk product sent pneumatically. With over forty years of expertise operating with gas transfer of bulk materials, we have a tendency to are consultants in planning and producing instrumentality that maintains a secure and economical operating atmosphere.

Being the leading Dust Collector Manufacturers, We area unit engaged in giving electrical Bin Vent Filter with air volume of 600 NMVH and in operation temperature up to 450 degrees. Factory-made from supreme quality chrome steel, these vent filters area unit used for the discharge method of pneumatically stuffed silos. Wide appreciated for his or her potency, these filters are often used with any dirt generating material.

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